Valve Guide Facts

Why Should You Never Overlook The IMPORTANCE Of Your Valve Guides?

Valve Guide Basics

In most types of reciprocating engines, a valve guide is provided for each valve in the cylinder head. Along with the valve spring, it serves to positively locate the valve so that it may make proper contact with the valve seat. A valve guide is a cylindrical piece of metal, pressed or integrally cast into the cylinder head, with the valve reciprocating inside it. Guides also serve to conduct heat from the combustion process out from the exhaust valve and into the cylinder head where it may be taken up by the cooling system. Over the last 100 years Cast Iron & Bronze have been commonly used, as has steel, but we can now offer much more advanced alternates to give a perfect balance between stiffness and wear on the valve which is essential to achieve a useful service life.

Simply put the job of the valve guide is to hold the valve stem perpendicular to the valve seat to ensure a smooth opening and closing operation and maintain good seat sealing. If the valve guide becomes worn the valve operation becomes compromised and poor valve seating, poor cylinder compression & oil leakage into the cylinder can occur which can cause catastrophic long term damage.

Critical Factors

The clearance between the inner diameter of the valve guide and the outer diameter of the valve stem is critical for the proper performance of an engine. If there is too little clearance, the valve may stick as oil contaminants and thermal expansion become factors. If there is too much clearance, the valve may not seat properly and excessive oil consumption can occur and in worse cases complete engine seizure and damage.


Over time, the inner diameter of the valve guide and the outer diameter of the valve stem become worn. As valve guides wear, their ability to positively locate the valve to the valve seat decreases. As the valves lose their ability to seal the combustion chamber properly, the engine can lose performance and start to burn oil, leaking from the top of the cylinder head into the intake and exhaust manifolds.

What Is The Solution?

This is where we come in, over the last 100 years metal technology has come a long way and with the help of the aerospace sector science we can now recreate any valve guide to much better accuracy using far superior materials that in most cases will outlast the service life of the engine.

Why Choose Us?

As Europe’s Largest Bespoke / Custom & OE Valve Guide Manufacturer, we have been making valve guides for over 30 years here right in the UK. We use the latest CNC technology / precision grinding together with old fashioned hand finishing to ensure every single valve guide that leaves us is perfect in every way. The unique skillset required to produce these high precision components comes from years of experience and testing right here at our London Headquarters. Not only do we supply the Automotive & Aerospace, Locomotive & Marine Sector but we are also responsible for recreating obsolete Valve Guides for some of the most valuable and prestigious Classic Cars on the planet and even World Championship Race Teams, Engine Builders and Car Manufacturers.

What Do We Need To Make Your Perfect Guides?

We can work either from the original guide or from a drawing. If your cylinder head has excessive wear we can even oversize / modify your guides to suit.

How Long Do They Take To Manufacturer?

We aim to complete all orders within 7- 14 days but at busy times it may take longer.

What Materials Do We Use?

We only use fully batch certified materials ensuring you receive the best possible Quality Valve Guides on the planet.

Why Should You Upgrade To A Better Material

The list is endless but the main advantages include

Lower Coefficient Of Friction
Better Performance / Running
Greater Thermal Conductivity
Reduced Or No Valve Seizures
Reduced Oil Consumption
Longevity / Outlasting Engine Life

I’m A Private Individual Can I Still Purchase Valve Guides From You?

Absolutely, even though we sell to resellers the world over we maintain our no job to small policy, so whether you want 16 Valve Guides or 16,000 we have you covered.

To start the process and for a free no obligation quote simply send us a email or give us a call – our team are waiting to help.

0208 339 2203

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